We are excited to announce an addition to the BSC soccer curriculum: a winter futsal program!

If you're not familiar with futsal, it is very similar to soccer. It's an exciting, fast-paced, indoor 5v5 game played with a slightly heavier ball. Besides being a lot of fun, there are many benefits to futsal, e.g., it improves the team and individual tactical understanding of the game, it helps develop one v one skills and quick reflexes because of its fast pace, and it promotes close ball control. Because of these benefits plus many more, US Soccer recommends futsal as a part of player development.

In order to bring this program to BSC, we have signed an agreement with the Burlingamer to use their facility year round.

Note: High School soccer players are allowed to play futsal during the HS soccer season and are welcome to join these sessions.

The Club is thrilled to add another high-quality development opportunity to BSC that contributes to making us a leader in player development. We are looking forward to seeing you on the futsal court!