BonziTeam Setup and General Instructions

Update [9/15/2014] We had a great Information Night with the Bonzi executives (Amy Pate - CEO; Anthony Pate - CTO; Paul Brantley - Director of Software Development). For those of you who missed it, please see the Bonzi Team Manager Presentation that was given that night.

Managers' Instructions

BonziTeam Site Setup - At the Beginning of Each New Registration Year

Bonzi creates a new BonziTeam instance at the beginning of each new registration cycle. For the Burlingame Soccer Club, this occurs once per year, in the Fall. All previous BonziTeam sites become "archived", but are still visible and accessible on the MultiTeam Dashboard, available from your BonziTeam menu. The reason that Bonzi does this is to preserve the team information for historical reporting purposes.

First Time Login Into BonziTeam

After you (as a Volunteer), your spouse (if applicable) (as a Parent), and your child (as a Player) are assigned to the team, you will each receive an email with a BonziTeam invite code, provided that email addresses are specified on each of your Bonzi Member Account records. If your child has either your or your spouse's email address specified on his or her record, multiple invite codes will be sent to the same email address. Please accept YOUR invitation (NOT your child's), which will take you to the BonziTeam Home page. NOTE: The members registered on the Member Account will be the ones added to BonziTeam. Please make sure the family account is complete.

After accepting the invitation, log in to BonziTeam and get familiar with the site (see Basic Setup below) before inviting the rest of your players to register with Bonzi (U12-U19 teams) or before asking the BSC Registrar to assign your players to the team (U07-U11 teams, whose players registered after tryouts).

Basic Setup

Using your invite code, login for the first time to your BonziTeam site at

  1. Navigating from the list of selections in the left-hand sidebar, select "Team Settings". Go in and adjust the fields as you wish.
  2. Select "Photos" to upload any pictures you might have.
  3. Select "Schedule" to schedule any events. This should be straight-forward. There will be a one-time setup of field info. NOTE: When setting up locations, be sure to put in an address so that a map can be displayed. This will be useful to the team!
  4. Once you have events on your schedule, select "Attendance" to see how that looks.
  5. Select "Roster" to see who is currently on your roster. NOTE: There is an option near the top of the page to "Add new roster members". This is NOT to be used in the traditional TeamSnap sense to add players and parents to your roster. ALL regularly rostered players AND their parents will be added by the BSC Registrar, ONLY after having properly registered through the Bonzi Registration system.
  6. Personalize your roster entry for yourself and your child. Click "Edit" in the top right corner to customize your profile. Add a headshot, if you'd like.
  7. You can filter your roster by using the combo-box in the upper right-hand of the roster page.
  8. Select "Email & Announcements" to familiarize yourself with the options you will have for team communication. This is where you can send a welcome message once the roster is formed.
  9. Be sure to download the phone app to your phone. There will be new features added here over the course of the next few months, but the basics are there.

NOTE: If an invite was sent out from Bonzi to join BonziTeam but a parent/player never used it to login and now can't find it, the BonziTeam Team Manager can resend it from BonziTeam. The option to resend the code can be found by pulling up the team roster and selecting the member to view their profile.

Registration Instructions (to be sent to all players and coaches)

Before using Bonzi, it is necessary to create a Bonzi Member Account. Each child registered in Bonzi can only be associated with one unique Member Account. If you have registered with Bonzi in the past, you already have a Bonzi Member Account. Please do NOT create a new account. Contact the BSC Registrar to find out what your login credentials are.

A Member Account has the following structure:

  • Parent/Guardian 1 - Primary account holder - the User Id used on this record is the Member Account Login ID
  • Parent/Guardian 2 - Optional
  • Child (ren) - One record for each child in the family who will be registered in Bonzi

Separate email addresses can be defined for each family member, and these addresses will be used to login to BonziTeam. NOTE: It is optional to specify an email address on Child records.

NOTE: When creating your member account, please take care to create all members carefully. If you are expecting for both parents/guardians to be able to access BonziTeam separately, make sure a record is created for each parent and each record contains a UNIQUE email address.

NOTE: When creating a Bonzi Member Account, it is STRONGLY encouraged to create a complete account with both parents defined, when applicable. The records defined in the Bonzi Member Account are later used when creating the BonziTeam sites, and if only one parent appears in the Member Account, only one parent will appear on the BonziTeam site and be linked to the child.

NOTE: If multiple Member Accounts are accidentally created (each parent creates separate accounts that includes the same children), please contact the BSC Registrar so that they can be merged into a single account using administrative tools.

  1. Navigate to the Bonzi Registration Portal. (
  2. Read the introduction instructions and click the "Register Now" button.
    • Players > In the "Burlingame Soccer Club" section, select "BSC Club Teams (Players)". NOTE: If you do not see the registration event that you are looking for (in this case, BSC Club Teams), please do not sign up for a random event. This requires administrative intervention to back out the registration, refund fees, etc. Please contact the BSC Registrar to determine why your registration event is not showing.
    • Coaches -> In the "Burlingame Soccer Club" section, select "BSC Club Teams (Coaches & Volunteers)".
  3. Once here, you will be presented with a choice of logging in or creating an account.
    • First-time Users -> If it's your first time, please follow instructions to create a Member Account. The member account should contain contact info for both parent/guardians, especially if both will later want to have access to their BonziTeam site.
    • Returning Users -> Please login using your Member Account login ID. NOTE: If you are a returning player and you've registered for Bonzi in the past, you already have an account. Please contact the BSC Registrar if you don't remember your login credentials. Do NOT create a new account.
    • Coaches and volunteers will select as many as apply, depending on number of teams they are coaching or volunteering for.
    • Volunteers should specify "N/A" for Coaching License and continue to the next step.
  4. Select the proper registration Category.
  5. Follow instructions and pay fees. NOTE: There is no fee for coaches and volunteers.
  6. You will receive new BonziTeam invite codes once your player is rostered to his or her teams for the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 season. Each year Bonzi generates a new instance of your team site and archives the previous year's site. All previous years are still available and visible on your "MultiTeam Dashboard", which is available from your BonziTeam menu bar.

General NOTES:

  • All players are REQUIRED to register through Bonzi and pay a deposit to the Burlingame Soccer Club.
  • All coaches and volunteers are REQUIRED to register through Bonzi.
  • All players are REQUIRED to register for their correct, age-appropriate category (according to Date of Birth). Each exception will be moved into the correct category by a BSC Registrar with the Team Coach's or Team Manager's approval.
  • A player CANNOT be assigned to his/her team site unless they have properly registered through Bonzi.
  • NO Player passes will be issued for players who have not registered through Bonzi.

NOTE: All players MUST register for their age-appropriate category. Any players who are playing up in age will be moved into the older age group on a case-by-case basis by a BSC Registrar, and ONLY with the Coach's or Manager's consent.

NOTE: For a step-by-step tutorial (provided by a BSC Team Manager), please click here.

Player Team Assignments

  • All returning players will be automatically reassigned to their previous teams. If a player is moving to a different team, please notify the BSC Registrar.
  • All new players will need to be manually assigned to their new team. Please notify the BSC Registrar of the team assignment.

After players have registered and they've been assigned to their teams, they will each be sent an invite code to join BonziTeam. They will also show up on their BonziTeam rosters.

NOTE: Please instruct your parents that if they receive multiple BonziTeam invite codes (this happens when parents specify their email addresses on their children's member records) to accept their OWN invite code, NOT their children's.

Mid-Season Roster Additions

Registration will close on the date of the Bonzi registration deadline. If a team adds a player mid-season, the registration event will need to be re-opened to allow the player to register. Please contact the BSC Registrar to have this done and to let them know which team to assign the player to after the registration is complete.

Re-Sending BonziTeam Invite Codes

On occasion, BonziTeam invite codes get lost and it's necessary to re-send them. Instructions to access the invite code are below. You can either press the "Resend Invite Email", or if you are concerned that the email is not reaching its destination (email blockers, etc), copy the complete link in the box and send manually to the intended recipient, along with the invite code.

Adding Additional Adult Roster Members to BonziTeam

Teams may have a need to add additional adults to their rosters. Examples might be another Team Manager who needs visibility into the team, or perhaps the caregiver or the step-parent of one of the players. The new adult might need "browsing" privileges, or they may need full "parental right", such as the ability to mark attendance for a given player.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 5.08.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 5.08.46 PM

To give the adult "parental privileges", you will need to link their record to the player's.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 5.09.51 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 5.10.15 PM

Assigning Guest Players to BonziTeam

If you have players who regularly guest-play for your team whom you would like to receive team emails and input attendance, please send your Guest Player rosters to the BSC Registrar. These players will be designated as "Guest Players" and will show up in a separate section on the attendance page. Guest players will need to be re-assigned each season.

NOTE: If you were using the temporary work-around manually adding parents to your roster so that they could receive team emails and specify their attendance in lieu of their children's there will be some necessary clean-up to avoid duplicate entries on your roster.

NOTE: If you have players who withdraw from the season but want to remain "in the loop", these are NOT Guest Players. Guest Players are fully registered players who are assigned to one team but who guest play on another team. If the family wants to be kept in the loop, add one or more of them by using the "Additional Roster Members" feature above.

Scheduling Events in BonziTeam

Events That Show Up in the Attendance Tab

When creating schedule events in BonziTeam, to make maps visible to your families, the field addresses must be completely and correctly specified. This means that the address must include the street address and the city, in the designated spaces that are provided (zip does not seem to be required). If the map is provided, it will be displayed in the BonziTeam iPhone app. I know that the phone app is extremely limited at the moment, but if the map does not show up, it is even MORE limited.

NOTE: Unlike TeamSnap, BonziTeam defaults to sending an email when schedule changes are made. If you do not wish for your team to be notified of small changes to an event (changing the event so that the map displays would be such an event), please make sure to check the "Do not send a notification to team members" checkbox at the top of the scheduling event box.

Events That Do NOT Show Up in the Attendance Tab

You may have a need to create events that are informational for your team but you do not need to track attendance for them (BSC Special Clinics, for example). To do this, you need to define the schedule item as an "Event", not a "Practice" (or "Game"), and then you have the option of showing it (or not showing it) in the Attendance tab. Make sure that option is not checked. It will show up on the weekly calendar, but no one will need to set their attendance.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 9.52.01 AM

Setting Up a Public Team Page

If you are interested in setting up a Public Team Page, please contact the BSC Registrar. This page can be viewable to friends and relatives and it can also be used to promote your team and to recruit new players. If you choose to create one, it will also be posted to the Burlingame Soccer Club's Teams Page.

NOTE: The "Team Photo" that you upload through Team Settings -> Team Information is for the Public Team Page.

NOTE: The creation and maintenance of the Public Team Page is currently an administrative function. BSC has submitted a request to grant Team Managers the ability to administer it themselves in the future.

BonziTeam Phone App

Without a doubt, the BonziTeam Phone App is very limited at this time. There are plans to upgrade it significantly in the future, but for now, for anyone requiring access to BonziTeam information, please use your phone browser to login to your BonziTeam site. From there, you will have full email and text capability, as well as anything else the phone app does not provide at this time.

Families'/Players' Instructions

Using BonziTeam (additional instructions for players once they've been assigned to their team)

The following is a set of instructions sent by one of our current Team Managers who has been piloting the software to her team. Feel free to modify or send as is.

  1. Once you receive your invitation to join BonziTeam, accept the invitation to navigate to the site. NOTE: If your child(ren)'s account(s) has the same email address as yours, you will receive multiple invite codes from Bonzi. Do NOT accept your child's invitation - please accept your own. Otherwise, your name will show up on the roster as the player, rather than your child's.
  2. Set up your roster profile. Go to the Roster, click your name on the list, and then click "edit" at the top right corner. Now you can add your own photo and tell everyone on your team about yourself. If you are a parent, you can edit your child's profile too.
  3. If you want to receive text messages on your phone from BonziTeam, click on your name at the top right corner of the screen and choose My Settings, then click on Profile. Scroll down to the Contact Information area to add your phone number.
  4. Start a conversation! Head to Announcements and then click "Add new announcement". Post a hello announcement to your team - they can respond back in the comments.
  5. Check out your team's schedule. You can see all the dates and times, view a map of the game location, and lots more.
  6. Got great photos of your team in action? Go to Photo Albums, where you can upload pics from your last game, practice, or team get-together. You can add photos to existing albums or create your own.

Receiving Text Messages in BonziTeam

As with most systems that are able to send text messages, in addition to providing your mobile phone number, it's also necessary to provide the name of your service carrier. In BonziTeam this is done by updating your BonziTeam Profile in the User Center.

From your BonziTeam site:

  • Navigate to your profile by selecting your name in the menu bar and select "My Settings"
  • Select "Profile"
  • On the right side of the screen scroll down to the "Phone Numbers" section
  • Make sure your mobile number is specified and that your "Mobile Phone Carrier" is also set
  • Hit "Save" to save any changes

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 12.01.15 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 12.02.32 PM

Calendar Subscriptions

Once there are practices/games/events scheduled, the "Schedule" option shows the team calendar. It is possible not only to download individual "appointments" to your calendar, but also to subscribe to the BonziTeam calendar, so that updates and additions are downloaded to your calendar automatically. This is both for Google and any other calendar. The interface is a little unclear as it seems to showcase the Google calendar, causing the subscription link for all other calendars to get lost, but the option is there.

NOTE: BonziTeam's calendar subscription feature is a true calendar subscription - Bonzi does not add calendar events to your calendar. If you are subscribing through Google Calendars, please refer to to make sure your BonziTeam calendars are part of your phone sync.

If you prefer to setup your phone device directly, bypassing you personal calendar, there is a way to do so.

  • Go to your team schedule and select "Subscribe" at the top of the page
  • In the calendar subscription box under "Subscription link (copy and paste into your calendar software)" copy the link and email it to yourself (so it accessible on your phone device), otherwise the link is too long to type in by hand
  • Retrieve it from your email and copy it so you can use it later.
  • Access your phone "Settings" and go to "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  • Select "Add Account" and then select "Other" (the last option)
  • Select "Add Subscribed Calendar" and paste the link you copied earlier from your email into the "Server" field
  • Follow instructions from there to setup your calendar

NOTE: Google "guarantees" that subscribed calendars will show updates within 24 hours. While it doesn't normally take 24 hours to refresh subscribed calendars, don't be alarmed if your changes don't show up in your subscribed calendars IMMEDIATELY.

There's a lot more to explore in BonziTeam, so we encourage you to click around and check it all out! Don't forget, if you need any help, just click on the Help menu at the top right corner of the screen to chat or email support.

Bonzi Support and Online Tutorials

Feel free to contact Bonzi Support for help or any issues. They can be reached online from your BonziTeam site by clicking on the Help menu at the top right corner of the screen. You can either chat with or email support. You can also call them at (866) 726-4131 and then choose Option 1 or email them directly at

Bonzi also has a set of online tutorials which unfortunately are not VERY good but do have SOME useful information.

Go to

  • Login ID: guest
  • Password: bonziguest

And you can also look at the following overviews: