BSC College Footpath


Welcome to the Burlingame Soccer Club College Footpath. The college footpath program is designed to help players in the college recruiting process by providing substantial resources, education, and assistance to all student-athletes and their parents.

Our goal is to provide student-athletes with the best opportunity of playing college soccer at their chosen institution. It is important for student-athletes to understand that their college recruiting success depends highly on their effort put forward during the recruitment process.

"So where to start?"

For all student-athletes that are beginning the college recruiting process, please follow the link on the left to the College Recruiting 101 Guide. The guide is broken down into 5 phases. Please follow the phases in chronological order as well as you can, as we believe this will give you the best start to your recruiting process. However, not all people will have game footage when starting this process. Phase 1 requires you to gather game footage and create a highlight video. If you are unable to do this straight away, still complete the other phases, such as signing up with our recruiting partners. You can still add a tremendous amount of information on your profiles and have them ready for when you have game footage available. To get started follow the link to the College Recruiting 101 Guide.

For further information or if you have question regarding the recruiting process please contact Samantha Thomsit (U19 Premier Head Coach)