College Fit Finder is a fantastic resource for college recruiting. It allows the student-athlete to have all necessary information in one place. Players can add their highlight video and personal information along with academic and athletic achievements. College coaches can then go on team or player profiles and view their information.
Why choose College Fit Finder?

"Not only have we sat in the seat of a player desperately trying to get the attention of a college coach, but we have also personally helped 1000s of players reach the next level."

"So what do we do? We take from our own experiences as players, coaches, and Directors of youth organizations and build technology to help clubs with the recruiting process. We continue to listen to what you need in a recruiting platform to make everyone's life easier... which is why the majority of features we developed have come directly from user input. Why not give you exactly what you want/need? Why not involve you in the process?"

"Now we have the #1 recruiting technology on the market and we will continue to break down the process to create a comprehensive solution that simplifies everything. We are already impacting how a player moves from the youth to the college level, but we will soon streamline everything and completely change how the recruiting process is handled across the country. We hope you are as excited as we are!!!"

"The recruiting process has changed dramatically. If a club is not using the College Fit Finder, their players are at a significant disadvantage..." - Brad Friedel, Current U19 National Team Coach

To access the College Fit Box please click the College Fit Box link

Using College Fit Finder
For all information on how to use College Fit Finder please follow the instructions on the College Fit Box. The College Fit box is designed specifically to help our Burlingame athletes set up their College Fit Finder profiles.

College Fit Box

To access the College Fit Finder website please follow the link below.
If you have questions about logging in to the website please follow the information on the College Fit Box first.