Conflict Resolution

Technical Action Committee (TAC)

The Technical Action Committee is responsible for conflict resolution between club players, managers, parents, teams and coaches. The TAC is also responsible for resolving any safety and behavior related issues, including disciplinary action and enforcing the club's code of conduct as described in the Parent/Guardian Contract.

The focus of the TAC is to do what is in the best interest of the players and their development, while providing a safe, pleasant environment for all participants. The TAC is made up of a combination of Board Members and coaches and has the authority to suspend participation or attendance at club events as well as remove players, managers and coaches from the club. As the Board and coaching staff is represented, all decisions of the TAC are final. Should there be a conflict of interest, that TAC member will abstain from participation in that discussion.

To request the TAC to hear a matter, contact any board member or the Executive Director.