There are two fee requests you will receive for a Burlingame SC playing season. They are:
BSC Club Fee
BSC Team Fee

Club Fees are the payment that goes to Burlingame Soccer Club to cover the majority of expenses to play mainly covering membership, coaching, technical development, referees, fields, etc... and varies for each team based on their competitive level and age group. This comes down to approximately between $15 and $20 per event (game, practice, clinic), per player (depending on age group and team).
Club fees cover these specific areas:
BSC Registration
Insurance for operations
Coaching fees (All trainings, league games, scrimmages, tournaments/showcases, etc)
Assistant coaching fee and special clinics such as striker, goalkeeper, agility, etc; - only Club in the area that provides special clinics in addition to your team training
Field fees: outdoor and field maintenance, lights
Burlingamer futsal facility - only club in the area that has futsal/indoor facility year around
Director of Coaching, Technical Directors and Director of Goalkeeping including Club curriculum and development
Operation manager
Field equipment
Technical staff fees
Referee fees for 6 home games per season
Club administration: administrative and professional services such as bookkeeping
College placement when applicable
Club meetings rental space (Burlingame Park and Rec, BIS auditorium)
Byga registration fee; Website maintenance and technology services

What is included in the BSC Team Fee? Team Fees are in addition to Club Fees and are items specific and unique to your team. They cover your team's league registration, player passes, tournaments, etc. Team Fees vary widely depending primarily on how active your team is in playing tournaments. Your head coach, in coordination with the Technical Directors and Age Group Director, determine the tournament agenda for your team. Team Fees are collected by the Club and our central team treasurer, coordinating with your head coach and team manager, complete league and tournament registrations on behalf of your team in order to make the process more efficient for all our families.
Team fees often cover these specific areas:
Tournament and playdates
Showcases and State Cup Entrance fees
League entry fees
Coaching traveling expenses for tournaments
Staff Passes (Coach and Managers) US Club & Cal North
Player passes (US Club & Cal North
Note: Team Summer Camp is optional and, for those players participating, the fee for the week long camp is $180 and is invoiced separately for those players participating.
Note: Uniform costs also are a separate expense and are paid individually by each family. A full Adidas uniform kit is typically replaced every two years and costs about $175.