Mental Performance Workshops

Burlingame Soccer Club is excited to present Mental Performance Workshops with Sepano Hassanzadeh!

The intention behind these mental performance workshops is to help both educate and provide the skills/tools on how to navigate the world of athletic performance from a psychological standpoint.
We will explore topics including, but not limited to, mindfulness, performance routines/preparation, attentive focus/concentration, goal-setting, returning to play after a long break, and more.

These workshops are intended to benefit BSC parents, coaches, and players. Parents will gain a better understanding of the mental constructs that surround athletic performance. Coaches will learn to better utilize these constructs, in the roles they are in, to help their players maximize their well-being and performance.
Players will develop greater self-awareness through the knowledge and application of mental skills. The ultimate overarching goal is to provide long-lasting skills which extend far beyond the realm of athletics. These mental skills, really, are life skills which, through practice, enhance one's potential and overall well-being.

Sepano Hassanzadeh is a Certified Personal Trainer, Master Health and Wellness Coach, and CHEK Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Additionally, he is finishing his Masters Degree in Sport Psychology at John F. Kennedy University. Sepano is passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to studying heath, exercise science, nutrition, and the mind. Based in San Francisco, he works with individuals on a daily basis, helping them achieve the level of health and fitness they desire in order to live their best lives. His approach to health and sport performance is a holistic one and takes into account all aspects of one's life. He loves empowering his clients by helping them develop self-awareness through mindful practices. He believes that sport is a reflection of life and vice-versa and that any performance "problem" can be solved with the right level of awareness and planning.

Stay tuned for the workshop dates and times!