New Logo

Ushering in a New Era for BSC - Together We Shall Succeed

With so many great things happening with our club, BSC leadership feels it's time to really establish our unique footprint amongst the clubs in Northern California. Although the current BSC logo has history dating back to '83, when compared to other logos across the youth soccer landscape it is not unique and doesn't embody what BSC is all about - community, togetherness and the pursuit of excellence. Working with a top branding agency who volunteered to develop our logo pro bono, we started with a creative brief that outlined what we wanted our logo to represent and the creative process was underway.

The BSC Shield

As you can see, our new logo is quite unique, even iconic. The inclusion of the Eucalyptus leaf represents our city as the trees lining our streets are 1 of three things registered with the Burlingame Historic Society. Next comes the interconnectedness of the letters "BSC" stressing the importance of team and togetherness. The treatment of the letters also ties to the city of Burlingame, known as the City of Trees. Finally, we wanted to recognize BSC's commitment to excellence since its inception in 1983. There is a lot of excitement about the new logo with the players and coaches we have shared it with and hope you are as excited about this new logo as we are!