Player Identification & Development Program

Burlingame SC Player Identification & Development Program (PIDP) is an INVITATION ONLY program for the most talented BSC players who are looking for even more training and challenge. We will NOT be able to select everyone to participate in this program. Using the following criteria, Age Group Directors will make recommendations and invite players to attend BSC PIDP sessions and the group of PIDP coaches will determine who maintains eligibility in the program:

  1. Talent (Player's skill and performance level at his/her own team training and games as well as on BSC PIDP sessions)
  2. Commitment (Player's commitment to his/her own BSC team training as well as BSC PIDP sessions)
  3. Attitude (Player's effort, focus and discipline on his/her team training as well as PIDP sessions).

To learn more about the PIDP, please CLICK HERE.