Premier Soccer Camps

Burlingame Soccer Club endorses Premier Soccer Clinics (PSC) as the primary Soccer Camp provider to our club! PSC is independently owned and has operated in the Burlingame area for the last 18 years. PSC camps have been extremely beneficial in developing current and attracting new players to Burlingame Soccer Club

Premier Soccer Clinics uses many of the same coaches who coach at Burlingame Soccer Club to help develop young soccer players. As a participant in the PSC camps, your child will be trained by some of the most skilled coaches in the Bay Area. PSC also brings international clubs and coaches to work with BSC players and coaches. We believe this will be a great experience for the youth as well as a great opportunity for the BSC coaching staff. The involvement from international clubs and coaches is sure to set PSC Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring and upcoming Summer Camps apart from other camps.

Coach Dusko and a selection of other BSC Club Coaches will run the camp for field players, the camp theme is shooting and finishing and they will help you learn and improve your attacking abilities.

Premier Soccer Clinics is offering scholarships for qualified camp attendees and will contribute a portion of the profit to support the BSC financial aid fund. For our 2018 and 2019 scholarship program please email PSC at:

For the camp schedule, more information and registration, please use the following link: