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While we cannot guarantee assistance to everyone, we make every effort to consider all applications and accommodate all families that apply. The Financial Aid helps families that can't afford to pay the entire Club fee amount. In addition, if a financial aid player can't afford to participate in tournaments out of the area (which require travel and lodging arrangements), the Club will consider covering a portion of those expenses.

All information you provide is strictly confidential.

Burlingame Soccer Club Financial Aid Information

  1. The Burlingame Soccer Club (BSC) maintains a Financial Aid Fund to support players who may need financial assistance due to low income or financial hardship. The Financial Aid Fund is funded by donations made by BSC Fundraisers, Grants, and donations made by members of the BSC Community.

  2. The Financial Aid Committee will administer the financial aid awards under the direction of the Club Treasurer. Award amounts are based on documented financial needs of the applying family, and are relative to the overall pool of applicants and are directly dependent on the amount of funds available each season and the number of applicants who apply for that season.

  3. Eligibility for financial aid awards will be granted based on criteria set by the Financial Aid Committee, under the direction of the BSC Treasurer, and approved by the BSC Board of Directors. Generally speaking, families with annual income of more than the average for our area are excluded from receiving financial aid. Currently, the Club considers San Mateo County as the "area" for most of our membership. Any family earning over the criteria is excluded from receiving financial assistance unless there are severe extenuating circumstances (i.e.: health, family emergencies, etc.) that might override this guiding principal.

  4. Any awards granted are intended to cover only a portion of fees due. Financial assistance will generally not cover more than 50-60% of the total fees expected to be due in a given season, and will only cover that much in the most needy situations, unless severe extenuating circumstances apply. For instance, if the total fees are projected to be in-the-range of $1,600 - $2,400 per player for a given season for most teams, the maximum financial aid award would be I the $800 - $1,200 range, barring extreme extenuating circumstances. Each family is expected to pay all remaining fees due (Team Specific Fees, as well as the BSC Club Fees) as outlined in the BSC Parent Contract. If team fees are not paid, financial aid may be revoked and players with outstanding balances from previous seasons are not eligible for Financial Aid. This includes team fees.

  5. Financial Aid is reviewed annually beginning in the Fall. Funds will be granted and applied each season. The club will accept applications for new players who join after the application deadline. To be eligible for Financial Aid, all applicants and their parents/guardians agree to participate in team practices, games, and all other team activities. Parents/guardians should be available to assist with volunteer duties as necessary.

  6. In order to be considered for Financial Aid, an application must be submitted and all supporting documentation provided by the deadline. Each player is required to submit the following:

  7. a)Financial Aid Online Application will be available in July (Hagaclic aquí para ver el formularioenespañol)

    1. Most recent completed Federal Form 1040 Tax Return (pages 1 and 2) and Schedule C (if applicable) for both parents/guardians. The tax return must be the return due on April 15 of the same year.

    2. Recent (last 2) copies of pay stubs for all working adults in the household and any other documentation that might help the Financial Aid Committee understand your need.

We strongly recommend that you mask or remove all personally sensitive information in the files listed above. (For example, Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth) Burlingame Soccer Club and the Financial Aid Committee will show due care to protect your information but cannot be held liable for information that is not masked or removed.

Please email the above documentation to If you cannot email this information, please mail it to the address below:

BSC Financial Aid Committee

PO BOX 117822

Burlingame, CA 94011-7822

Applications received after the due date will not be guaranteed consideration. Late applications will only be evaluated and awards granted only if funds are available.

  1. All applicants will receive a response to their application via email from the Financial Aid Committee. Financial aid awards are not communicated to other parent volunteers except team Managers and treasurers may be alerted to financial aid only if payment for team fees is not received.

  2. All data submitted is confidential and is only available to the Financial Aid Committee, BSC Treasurer and, if needed, BSC Board of Directors and used solely to determine eligibility for financial aid.

  3. The Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel Financial Aid arrangements at any time through written notification.

Please direct any questions to The Burlingame Soccer Club Financial Aid Committee at:

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