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Number of sessions: 24 (12 week program, two sessions per week)

Days, times and locations: Fridays at Murray Field 3:45-4:45 PM, Saturdays at Murray Field 8-9 AM

Start date: April 5th

End date: June 22nd

Registration fee: $672 for Burlingame residents, $804 for non-residents (no prorated refunds/credits for missed sessions)

BSC Blues program is meant to teach, and improve basic psychomotor skills, walking, crawling, running, jumping, turning, catching, kicking and age appropriate balance and coordination through different sports activities. This allows the player to be involved in sports with a reasonable degree of success as it aids fluid body movement for physical skill performance (e.g. soccer, dance, basketball).

The Blues program is helpful in maintaining self regulation for daily tasks as well as developing a social network and achieving a sense of belonging in a community or social setting. It also helps children develop and maintain appropriate controlled body movement during task performance which, when effective, limits the energy required thus minimizing fatigue. With good balance and coordination there is less likelihood of injury as the child is likely to have appropriate postural responses when needed (e.g. putting hands out to protect themselves when they fall off their bike). In the past, kids used to have much more unstructured play in parks, on playgrounds, developing important psychomotor skills on their own. Modern lifestyle has brought less of active play and mobility which is the most important foundation for early ages' development, both physical and cognitive.

The Blues program is a multi week program that engages individuals with colorful playground setup, fun and diverse athletic movements.

If you have any questions, please contact the BSC Blues Director Sandro Da Silva at

For the Juniors Academy (ages 5-8), please click here.

For the Technical Development Program (ages 9-14), please click here.

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