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Free Special Clinics are available to all BSC competitive players. There is no registration for the clinics - just show up on time!

The clinics start on Saturday March 23rd and end on Saturday June 1st.

Goalkeeper Program

Goalkeeper is a key component to every team and their training can be sometimes overlooked within the team training environment. It is important that these players have the opportunity to get proper individualized and specific instruction in addition to their team training sessions. Goalkeeper program will focus on developing important goalkeeping technical, physical, tactical and mental fundamentals required to play the position. Soccer Goalkeepers are the last line of defense, and this training will help them build the necessary confidence which will enable them to remain calm under pressure through instruction and repetition.

Striker Program

For Strikers, the training will focus on development of individual attacking skills and proper finishing techniques. These programs are typically combined during portions of the trainings so that the players can implement and apply what was defined and demonstrated in the individual training sessions in a more realistic situational environment against one another.


Agility and Coordination Program

For younger players, the developmental focus will be on psychomotor skills and development of basic motor skills, coordination and coordinative abilities with and without the ball related to development of soccer technique. Also agility and flexibility is something that requires focus from early ages. For the older players, the game is more physical, and thus, strength and endurance become more important as part of Conditioning at the regular team training program beside technical and tactical work on team practices. The main topics of Conditioning Training program are: Speed, Strength, Agility, Flexibility and Endurance.


​Skills and Ball Mastery Program

This program will focus on perfecting player's current skills and teaching them new, advanced skills. Soccer skills are the foundation of everyone's game. Mastering the ability to control, dribble and shield the ball with both feet are a must for every player who takes the game seriously. While these topics are repeatedly covered in team trainings, players who want to play at the highest levels of competition need the specialized trainings in a more individualized environment.


Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement Program (2012-2006)

An increasing number of athletes (12 and older) have their season cut short due to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries each year. Our Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement Program is specific to the sport of soccer. Besides being effective in preventing injuries, it is very effective in performance enhancement. The program has 3-4 phases and every 2 weeks players will progress to the next phase of neuromuscular training that is proven to benefit athletes. The structure itself includes a dynamic warm-up, jumping and cutting mechanics, strengthening of muscle groups that research finds soccer players are lacking the most, and of course, stretching.

​Futsal Program

Futsal is very important to the development of our players, especially in regard to their footwork, field vision, and speed of play. Although similar to soccer, futsal is a unique sport, with similar movement to basketball in a fast paced and fun setting.

High School Clinic (2011-2006)

High School Clinic provides players with additional technical and agility training, and a competitive environment to prepare for high school soccer. These clinics are run by Burlingame High School varsity coach.

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